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Jan/Feb Shipping Update: plant orders will be shipped out if temperatures are above freezing in Pittsburgh/at the destination. However, if temps are too cold, we will delay shipping your order. Please remember to add a heat pack to your order!

6" Pet Friendly Bundle

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Grab these two pet friendly plants to make a big impact on your plant collection while keeping your pets safe. Also, buying the bundle saves you a few bucks compared to buying individually!

  • 6" Calathea Makoyana
  • 6" Ponytail Palm


The Calathea prefers medium light (near a window), should be watered weekly, and benefits from additional humidity. The Ponytail Palm prefers high light (on a windowsill) and should be watered every other week, allowing the soil to completely dry out between waterings. 

This bundle includes two plants that come in 6" diameter nursery pots