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Jan/Feb Shipping Update: plant orders will be shipped out if temperatures are above freezing in Pittsburgh/at the destination. However, if temps are too cold, we will delay shipping your order. Please remember to add a heat pack to your order!

4" Pet Friendly Bundle

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Grab these two pet-friendly plants to add to your plant collection while keeping your pets safe. (Please note that plants are not pet food and all pets should be monitored around all plants, whether they are marked pet friendly or not.) Also, buying the bundle saves you a few bucks compared to buying individually!

  • 4" Peperomia Red Edge
  • 4" Maranta Red Prayer Plant

The Maranta prefers medium light (near a window) and to be watered weekly, without letting the soil completely dry out between waterings. The Peperomia can tolerate medium to high light and should be watered weekly, letting the soil dry out between waterings.

This bundle includes two plants that come in 4" diameter nursery pots