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How To: Bring Life to a Blank Slate

It's all about the 2 L's: Levels and Lighting

  • Use windowsills, furniture, or even the ground to add dimension to your space.¬†Placing plants with varying heights on each level will also add depth - like the Pilea above tucked in front of the two taller Dracaenas.
  • White or other light colored walls will bring more light into your space, creating a good environment for all your plants - even those placed underneath a window.
  • Place high light plants, like cacti, directly on the windowsill while keeping plants that tolerate lower light, like the ZZ, in spots that are farthest from the window.
cacti pair
Plants used in this How To:
Cacti pair 
Lemon Lime Dracaena 
Dracaena Reflexa
Bird's Nest Fern
Calathea Rattlesnake
ZZ Plant
    dracaena pilea