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Closed Wednesday 12/6

Beat the Winter Blues 3 Month Plant Gift


Give the gift of plants or treat yourself this winter! This 3-month long plant gift will fill up your home with greenery just when you need it most - during those dreary winter days. Purchase the gift now and your recipient will receive one surprise 4" plant conveniently potted up in a planter each month: one in January, one in February, and the last one will arrive in March 2024. Whether this is a gift to yourself or to a friend or loved one, the recipient will enjoy unpacking their monthly plant gifts throughout the winter. 

But first, you have a few choices to make...

Shipping or pickup: The potted-up plants can be either shipped to the recipient's home each month or picked up by you or the recipient each month at our warehouse in Pittsburgh. Shipping packages will include a heat pack if the weather calls for it! Shipping is included in the prices listed.

*Important note! If you would like the shipment tracking information emails or the ready for pickup emails to go directly to the recipient instead of to the email address used to place the order, please send us an email at with their email address so they will be notified instead of you.

Plant options: Get ready for a fun 4" plant surprise each month! If the recipient has pets in their home we recommend going with the pet-friendly plant option, just to stay on the safe side. These plants will be non-toxic to cats and dogs according to the ASPCA. If they don't have pets, choose the "anything!" option to widen the variety.

*Note: The exact shipping dates are TBD each month and will be dependent on the weather. We don't want to ship out plants when it is too cold! Recipients will be emailed their tracking information and shipments should arrive within 1-3 days via USPS Priority Mail. If the recipient lives in a cold location, we highly recommend bringing the package indoors immediately upon arrival at their home. The heat packs included in each shipment will take the edge off the winter cold but they will only stay warm for a couple of days. 

If you have any questions before placing your order, please email us at!